"And now wild beasts came forth the woods to roam." - John Milton, Paradise Regain'd

New Collection - "The Soft Earth"

"Teach us to walk the soft earth as relatives to all that live."- Lakota prayer

Large sized museum quality prints

Shop Exhibition Series


Consciously crafted art bringing the natural world to your world.

I embrace the ethos of conservation and the preservation of wildlife and marine ecosystems. I am committed to minimal environmental impact, the safeguarding of our oceans and the general well-being of our planet. Through my art, considerate and crafted with love, I aim to inspire a profound appreciation for nature's beauty and foster a sense of responsibility towards its preservation. In harmony with this value, I ensure carbon neutral sustainable shipping methods to minimize my ecological footprint.

StudioGucciardo has also pledged a percentage of annual profits to support the conservation organizations listed below.

  • Instituto Terra

    Founded by Lélia Deluiz Wanick Salgado and legendary photographer Sebastião Salgado, Instituto Terra is dedicated to restoring and reforesting the Atlantic Brazilian Rain Forest